• Premiere recruiting apprentices

  • As part of Premiere's ambitions for growth, we wish to develop our future supervisors and managers from within the company.

    To give the company the solid basis to take this forward, we're looking to recruit bright, ambitious young people to grow with us.

    Premiere wants to be known both locally and nationally for our people development and talent management, and this is another step along that route.

    Multi talented people

    Premiere is looking to train and develop our new team members in all commercial areas of our business over a period of time, allowing individuals to eventually find the niche where they can be most effective to the business, and derive the highest levels of knowledge and fulfilment from their job.

    A career with Premiere

    Premiere Furniture is offering two young people a defined and structured lift-up to a career path through the company, with no limits to the potential for self-advancement.

    Apprentices will gain a thorough grounding in all the Business Administration functions within our operation, together with learning and development secondments within other more specialised areas of our business, such as Supply Chain, Kitchen Design, Sales, Demand Planning, Distribution and Logistics, Marketing, and Customer Care.

    Whilst working for us, Apprentices will study for their Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration, with options to continue their studies past this level in the future.


    As well as the regular support offered to all employees, together with support offered by Gloucester College, Premiere will allocate each Apprentice a mentor from within our team. The mentor will be an experienced team member, not a line manager, and will offer a confidential support outlet for the Apprentice throughout their first year with Premiere.

    Closing date 19 May 2016

    For further information please visit the apprenticeship website here.


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