• Markey Group to preserve and protect Beastie street art in Gloucester

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    Street art in Southgate Street Gloucester to be preserved

  • Markey Group has confirmed is to preserve and protect a piece of street art in Gloucester linked to Beastie, a well-known local street

    The street art is on the side of an empty and derelict building that will soon be demolished to make way for a new Markey Group development. The building used to be a take-away restaurant in Southgate Street called Uncle Sams and the picture depicts a young hooded child clutching a drone instead of a toy plane.

    Tony Markey, Director of The Markey Group, commented: “We have owned this site for ten years in advance of our forthcoming development of a nursing home, specialising in Dementia care. We were aware of the connection with the local street artist Beastie and the London-based street art experts Bankrobber have even suggested to us that it has all the hallmarks of the famous street artist Banksy. Regardless of whose work it is, we are keen to preserve and protect it so that it can in due course be viewed by the people of Gloucester.

    “We think there will be public interest in this piece of art. As a family-run, Gloucester based business we are passionate about Gloucester and the county and we think it is important that this art should be accessible to the public in the way that the artist originally intended.

    “The need to protect the artwork became more urgent following a serious fire in the building at the weekend which means we are going to have to bring forward its demolition.

    “In due course we can consider whether the artwork might be incorporated into our new development or whether the city council or other bodies might have ideas they may want to put forward. “

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